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Binding Tutorial

Plastic Comb Binding


Plastic comb binding is one of the most popular types of binding used.  Because it is economical, durable, reusable, and easy to use, plastic comb binding is well-suited for many applications.  Comb binders are frequently used by schools, offices and home use. Bound sheet capacity varies between models. Books up to 40mm thick may be comb bound (480 sheets of standard 80gsm paper) The plastic combs may be re-opened to remove and/or insert pages.

Binding Process: Manual plastic comb binding begins by punching holes into a wad of paper (sheet punching capacity vary between models).  A plastic binding comb is then inserted into the machine and a handle is pulled to open the combs.  The holes in the paper are aligned with the open combs, inserted over the "teeth" and the handle is released.  This causes the combs to close around the document and bind them together.

Some plastic comb binders use a two-lever system.  The plastic comb is inserted and opened before the paper is punched.  The paper is aligned with the opened comb and inserted over the comb as each wad of paper is punched.  This eliminates double handling of the paper and saves times.

Electric comb binding machines are also available.  They take the effort out of manually punching the paper and are more time efficient than manual comb binders. Electric binding machines are generally used for high volume binding needs.

Features to look for when choosing a plastic comb binding machine:

  • Punch capacity - how many sheets it can punch at one time

  • Bind capacity - how many sheets it can bind at one time

  • Paper sizes accepted - Does the binder have punch cancellation feature so it is able to bind sheets other than A4

  • Margin Control - Does the binding machine have a margin control feature

  • Manual or electric

Plastic comb binding can also allow the operator to insert and extract pages easily without destroying the comb. These days plastic comb binding is generally used for internal documents, documents which are very thick or where presentation is not paramount. It is not as secure a bind as wire binding, nor will the pages turn 360 degrees or lie flat because of the plastic spine obstructing. The nature of the sharp plastic comb tends to rip into the pages, hence not providing as secure a bind as other methods such as double loop wire or plastic spiral binding.

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